ADULT: Granted to anyone who has attained their eighteenth birthday, who is a legal resident of the State of Kansas upon application and payment of fees and dues.

Cub, Youth or Young Adult: Granted to applicants under 18 years of age in same manner as regular members, except they shall not have voting privileges.

Bow Hunter: Granted upon payment of appropriate fees and dues.

Non-residents: may make application to the KSAA Executive Committee. Subject to the approval of the application and having paid the annual dues, said member is entitled to all the privileges of membership.

NFAA and KSAA dues:

NFAA $35.00 (Head of Household) & KSAA $10.00 (HOH) = $45.00

$5.00 (two additional members) & $2.00 (tam) = $7.00

$2.00 (additional family mbrs) & $2.00 (afm) = $4.00

$15.00 (Junior Membership)* & $8.00 (Junior Mbrshp) = $23.00

$5.00 (2nd Cub, Youth, Young Adult) & $2.00 (2nd C, Y, YA) = $7.00

$2.00 (3rd mbr plus) & $2.00 (3rd mbr plus) = $4.00

*No adult may be a second member on this membership for either NFAA or KSAA.

Bow Hunter dues: $35.00 with $5.00 deposited in the Bowhunter Defense Fund, $5.00 returned to the State Association and $5.00 to the NFAA general fund for administration. The balance will be applied for magazine subscription and individual liability insurance. Additional family membership may be added for $5.00 per person per year.

*Junior membership is a Cub, Youth or Young Adult under the age of 18.

A family is defined as head of household, spouse and all dependents less than 18 years of age.